CrossFit is constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity. These movements reflect the best aspects of gymnastics, weightlifting and metabolic conditioning. You can expect to run, row, bike, jump rope, perform body weight exercises, as well as use barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, gymnastics rings, pull up bars, climbing ropes and more. CrossFit works to optimize physical competence in each of the 10 fitness domains: cardiovascular and respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy. All movements and workouts can be easily modified and scaled to fit the needs of any athlete.


Bootcamp classes use similar movements and equipment to CrossFit, without the use of barbells and complex gymnastics components. Classes last 45-60 minutes and include a warm up, main workout, possible finisher, and warm down stretches.  Each class is different every time you come. It is a FUN, fast-paced exercise class guaranteed to give you a full body workout!  Childcare is available during this time at no additional cost to you.  

Foundations of CrossFit

These four introductory classes are required for all persons new to CrossFit.  These small group sessions cover all the fundamental movements as well as some accessory movements so that you can more easily transition into regular CrossFit workouts. Classes are scheduled based on the availability of new clients. Contact us today to schedule your FREE introductory class to find out more.

Do you have some CrossFit experience and think you might be able to skip Foundations? Then contact us today to set up a time where you can “test out” of these sessions. If the coach feels confident that you do not need foundations, then you will be allowed to bypass them and start regular training in CrossFit WODs. Contact us now!

CrossFit Lite 

This small group class is designed for those who need a little extra TC and more modifications and scalings due to injury, age, and fitness level. If you are unsure It this is the right class for you, please contact us to find outt

 Personal Training

Personal training is available at Blairstown Station CrossFit. These 50-minute one-on-one sessions are specifically designed around the client’s abilities, needs, and goals. They are scheduled around the client’s schedule and can be purchased in packs for a discounted rate. Whether your goal is to get back in shape or get better at a specific CrossFit movement, personal training might be for you!

Mobility & Movement

Mobility & Movement classes will target muscle groups worked during CrossFit in order to improve flexibility and mobility, strengthen and lengthen muscles, and proactively project joints and prevent injury. Mobility & Movement will also tone complementary muscles, increase balance, and support muscle endurance. Each class is unique and offers a sense of relaxation through mindfulness and awareness of the mind and body connection. End each class with stillness and a short back massage to the scents of essential oils and sounds of your favorite classics.

FREE Introductory Session

To find out more about what to expect at Blairstown Station CrossFit, come in for a free introductory session. Expect to sit down to discuss your needs and expectations, learn more about our box and what we offer, receive a tour of our facility, and partake in a sample workout.

Mommy & Me Toddler Class
ages 1-3

Inspired by the Montessori philosophy and motivated by time spent in the fresh air, the toddler class’ instructor and designer, Chelsea, is committed to facilitating an environment for toddlers to use all their senses during developmentally appropriate, enriching activities. Toddlers practice exercising their minds and bodies through music and rhythm, obstacle courses, social games, and natural crafts. Each session will focus on executive functioning skills in a playful manner to build confidence, make friends, and build functional skills for early reading and number sense.

CrossFit Kids
ages 10-13

This introductory class is an excellent way for kids to build strength, while pushing themselves to
try new things they never thought they could do - and have FUN doing it! All movements are
taught by experienced coaches with safety in mind. Kids can expect to squat, push, pull, jump,
climb, hang, run, use machines like the rower, air bike, and skierg, and use weights like
dumbbells, kettlebells, slam balls, medicine balls, and even light barbells. Class starts with a
fun warm-up game, then we learn new exercises, move onto the workout of the day, and finish
with a cool down. No two classes are alike and it is always a good time, making our kids class
very popular!

CrossFit Teens
ages 13-15

Our teens class is designed to help build strength and confidence, as well as prepare athletes
for sports in their off season. Teens perform the same workout of the day as the adults but
amongst their peers and with a special emphasis on learning proper mechanics. All exercises
can be scaled and modified to accommodate age, skill level, and ability. It is recommended that
younger teens start with the kids class to learn some basics before entering the teens class.
Once a teen is 16 years old they are eligible to WOD with adults; however, at that age a teen
must have either taken the teens class and shown the ability to WOD with adults OR has taken
our Foundations of CrossFit course.